Location & Arrival

... surrounded by fascinating nature spectacles.

Our Kösslerhof is located in the middle of the beautiful St. Anton am Arlberg. Only a few hundred meters behind the hotel you will find the ski slope and numerous hiking trails.

Arrival on rails...

Sit comfortably on the train, let the landscape pass by and get off the train in St. Anton already recovered. Is there a better start to your vacation? We don’t think so, and by the way, traveling by public transport protects our precious nature.


Upcoming summer, the Arlberg tunnel is closed and if necessary, we will be happy to pick you up free of charge from the train station and bring you to us at the Kösslerhof. Use the Kösslerhof shuttle service and spare both your wallet and nature.

Der Kösslerhof

The Kösslerhof